A great way to watch and record movement in and around your home and premises 24 hours a day.
CCTV from Sydney Security Specialist PL


CCTV systems have a number of benefits:

  • To act as a deterrent for would-be criminals
  • To allow you to see the exterior of your property at all times without going outside
  • To allow you to access the views of the cameras from a remote location (if your hardware is technically compatible)
  • The ability to record and store hours of video footage provided by the cameras, ensuring a security record of you property is stored.
  • Police preferred

We are able to provide and install a huge range of cameras, from the discreet and almost invisible to the large, vandal-proof, night vision varieties.

We supply and install a similarly large range of viewing monitors and recording equipment too.

If your property already has a CCTV system, Sydney Security Specialist P/L can still help you.

Whether you require a simple test of the cameras, monitors and recording hardware or are looking to extend or upgrade we can make sure your CCTV system is functioning correctly.

If you would like to book in a consultation with one of our experienced technicians, or have any queries about our service please don't hesitate to contact us.